Samantha Hull


Complementary Therapies Tutor,
Advanced Bodywork Therapist & Spiritual Facilitator

Owner and founder of Happy Holistic Healing created in 2001, Samantha and has a wealth of experience in the healing arts. Her training and practicing of many different massage, bodywork, healing and meditation techniques over the last 17 years has taken her overseas (especially to India), to discover the Eastern way of health and well being. She has a huge interest and commitment in the personal and spiritual development of her clients, students and herself.

Samantha is regarded as a natural people person and a highly experienced body work therapist. She is a qualified Aromatherapist as well as a masseuse. Her treatments range from a Natural Lift Facial Massage to Thai Foot Massage, incorporating all her knowledge from around the globe to give you the hands on experience like no other. She is known with her clients to “find” imbalances in the body and to work them out using massage, natural products and natural healing techniques.

Samantha is a qualified instructor of baby massage. She believes receiving massage and healing of any kind from a young age, gives an outstanding start in life in terms of health and happiness. Samantha also has many years teaching experience in relaxation, meditation and healing techniques. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a member of the Spiritual Workers Association, The CMA and insured with Balens.

She is a very gentle, patient teacher, who has a passion in passing on her knowledge and experience to others. She is empathic and has a relaxed teaching style and hopes that her enthusiasm for each subject is inspirational to her students. She is happy doing what she loves, which is being a part of supporting others on their life path.

Being a natural leader and organiser, Samantha enjoys offering different events and spiritual trips in the UK