Baby Massage

Many babies and children benefit hugely from massage.  I teach Baby Massage one to one but I also offer massage therapy for our younger generation.  This can help with many different imbalances.

During your child’s massage treatment, you are welcomed to be present if your child is under 16 years old. There will be some massage instruction for you as a parent or carer to use at home if you wish.  This helps you to feel in control of their health and well being, with massage techniques to help them feel better in their home environment.

We can focus on specific areas of the body or work on their whole body including: back, backs of legs, head, neck, face, top of shoulders, chest, tummy, arms, front of legs and feet. Always working appropriately in a safe nurturing way, makng sure they feel comfortable at all times and only uncovering areas being worked, keeping them warm and relaxed.  Sessions are held at our therapy rooms and may also be able to organise a session in your home on occasion.

The Benefits

Massage therapy can assist with your child’s:-

* Improved rest, relaxation and sleep
* Colic and digestion imbalances
* Posture, body awareness and co-ordination
* Behaviour patterns
* Exam/School/Test Nerves and worries
* Muscular aches & pains

and much more………..

Treatment Prices:

30 minutes – £15
60 minutes – £25

Treatment Booking:

Call 07958 719342
or email
[email protected]