Meditation Morning and Evenings

Have you tried to meditate and found it hard to carry it on?
Would you like to learn some easy techniques to get you started?

Working alone with meditation can be easy after you have practiced in a group to gain some new techniques.

Our intention is to give you some different visualisations to help you quiet your mind in this busy world we live in. Keeping the mind busy with positive thoughts and visualisations can help us be in control of our minds instead of our minds being in control of us.

These meditation sessions are designed for individuals to meet regularly in a group to practice different, effective, easy meditation techniques to relax, calm and rejuvenate your energy. As you continue your practice of meditation you will be amazed at the results.

We start arriving 15mins early for a cuppa and to settle in. Angel guidance cards are sometimes chosen to see what’s coming up or happening in each of our lives, then we start with a relaxation for the body meditation. Most of the focus is based on healing the body with our minds, using light and colour. We focus on the physical body and take our minds away to different places in nature; mountains, beaches, gardens, waterfalls, the ocean, forests, etc. to soothe and restore our minds to the natural world’s wonders and healing effects. We sometimes talk through 2 long or 3-4 shorters meditations which changes each session.

These are drop in 90min sessions. Please call or email to let us know if you would like to come along and to give us some ideas of your background with meditation or similar practise so we can do our best to make it special for everyone present.

Our meditation sessions are priced at £10pp.  You are welcome to book and pay online by stating the date you wish to attend CLICK HERE TO BOOK

All Wednesdays:
13th May
10th June
8th July

22nd April
20th May
17th June
23rd September