Pregnancy/Post Natal Massage

Receiving a massage within the different stages of your pregnancy can help with all the different ailments you may experience along the way.

Expecting a baby comes with plenty of different  mixed emotions.  Let us help you feel more in control of your pregnancy, your body and beyond.

As with all treatments given, a full consultation is taken at your first session, taking into account your medical history and lifestyle so your first session will be a little longer.  If you do have any serious medical conditions or are classed as a “high risk” pregnancy, then you do need to check with your doctor to see if they are happy for you to come for a massage.  Your safety is of utmost importance.

Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are will depend on how you lay on the massage couch.  We do not use massage couches with holes for your tummy as we do not believe in them.  You will lay either on your front or on each side and if appropirate, on your back to finish massaging your neck.  Your back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms,scalp, hands and feet can be massaged laying on your sides.  Most pregnant women are very comfortable on our massage couches being supported by various cushions, towels and extra quilts underneath. 

You can choose which areas are in need to be massaged within the treatment time you have booked.

Pregnancy Massage can help to:

* Ease muscle pain
* Prepare you mentally for motherhood
* Soothe anxiety, worry and depression
* Improve sleep patterns
* Boost your immunity
* Relieve headaches and migraines
* Combat stress levels
* Improve your posture
* Encourage relaxation and positivity

Available on:
Monday 9.30-2.30pm
Wednesday 9.30-6.30pm
Friday 9.30-2.30pm

Treatment Prices:
30 minutes – £25
45 minutes – £35
60 minutes – £40
75 minutes – £50
90 minutes – £55

PREFERENCE – 07958 719342
or email
[email protected]