Rahanni Celestial Healing & Reiki

Working on the very highest vibration of healing energy available at this time, therefore reducing the healing time to a minimum.  Most clients speak of how they feel more able to deal with life’s challenges after one or a series of healing sessions.

Healing is a extremely effective, safe treatment for people of all ages especially children, pregnant women and the elderly.  One of the Complementary Therapies which works well alongside other treatment being given.  Reiki & Rahanni balances your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy together with your masculine & feminine energy, bringing you an amazing sense of calm.

During and after treatment most clients speak of a mixture of physical and emotional feelings of weightlessness, warmth, tingling, peace, love, relaxation, balance, calm mind, lifted spirits and more.

A Few Benefits of Rahanni

Helps to:
* Promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.
* Release negativity and fear.
* Restore balance on all levels
* Open the heart centre to truth, love and compassion.
* Bring positivity to your thoughts and actions.
* Clear any negative energy that has built up in our bodies.
* Calm the mind and helps bring a sense of inner peace.
* Balance all masculine and feminine energy in each person.
* Ease emotional upset after a breavement.

Treatment Price:
Up to 1 hour – £35

Treatment Booking:
Call 07958 719342
or email
[email protected]